Meet Our Alumni

Anthony Butz: class of 2019

Anthony Butz

Currently pursuing freelance photography work and working.


Endeavor really helped me explore the things that I was passionate about and open my mind to things that I had no idea I would be interested in. When I joined Endeavor, I thought that I would graduate high school in 4 years and work to become a marine biologist. As time went on, however, and I worked on more projects and got a feel for other core interests of mine I realized that a life in science perhaps wasn’t the life that I truly wanted.


I still have a deeply-rooted love and passion for the ocean, but instead of a career as a scientist that studies marine life, I’m working towards a career that focuses more on an overall appreciation of the ocean and the natural world with focuses on conservation, storytelling and education as a photographer and videographer. Without Endeavor, I may have never even considered this as an option.