Project Based Learning

Project based learning is more than making posters and slide shows.  Students learn through the process of answering their questions. The Endeavor project process gives students voice, choice and flexibility.  It also provides them the structure they need to embark on a rigorous study.

Students in Endeavor are motivated by their passions, their interests and their curiosity.
Anything can be a project.

Autism’s Effect on Communication

Autism’s Effect on Communication

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Operation Paperclip

Operation Paperclip

Cricut Crafting

Cricut Crafting

Projects are unique because they are generated by each student’s unique passions and interests.  Check out these amazing driving questions.


Is it possible to create a graphene battery with more power than a lithium-ion battery?

How has the Xinhai Revolution affected and changed China today?

What struggles did early female artists in Rome face due to gender rules and how do those artists impact modern female artists?

What steps can be taken to minimize the negative environmental impact of a tiny house?

How do I assemble components into a fully functional computer?

What led to the creation of museum dioramas and what is the future of dioramas?

How does everyday life as a teenager in Communist Romania compare to my life today?

What does it take for owls to survive, and what can humans do to help owls survive?

What impact does visiting Gettysburg have on people?

What are the differences in the cuts of beef?

How should we prioritize eliminating plastic from the ocean?

What is shoreline restoration and how does it help the environment?

What makes birds fly with such precision compared to airplanes?

What are the best techniques and materials to make a functional stop motion puppet to give the illusion of edgy, artistic content?

Can I successfully create my own pie recipe?

Every aspect of the project process is recorded and added to a portfolio. Check out Mille’s project portfolio, end to end.