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Our Story

Endeavor Charter School was imagined and created by a group of Watertown Unified School District educators in 2014. They envisioned a school where a student’s voice and choice would guide learning. Their goal was to challenge the status quo in education and do things differently so that every student could create his or her own path through education.


The designers of Endeavor were motivated to create a school where students could develop into independent learners and thinkers, mastering essential core knowledge and essential 21st Century Skills while at the same time becoming engaged members of the community.

After a year of visiting schools, getting training and planning, the Endeavor teachers were ready to welcome their first students. Endeavor opened in the 2014-2015 school year with 40 students.


Although the core mission and values of Endeavor have stayed the same, Endeavor has evolved and been different every year.


According to Hayley Leinstock, class of 2018, “It [Endeavor] changes every year because the people are the school not the building.”

Learning Done Differently

In Endeavor, we believe that students learn best when they are given the voice and choice to guide their own learning. It is our philosophy that when people learn to communicate, think critically, collaborate, create, problem solve and innovate, they learn how to learn.


Endeavor is a public school authorized and supported by WUSD. Endeavor Charter School and Watertown High School are the two high schools in the WUSD. Endeavor is not a program, rather it is its own school that is overseen by a separate governance board made up of community residents, parents, and business leaders.



  • What is a charter school?
  • Is Endeavor the right fit for ME?
  • Will I still be able to get scholarships for college?

Answers to these and many more FAQs!


Students are supported by highly-qualified educators who have been specially trained in Personalized Learning and Project Based Learning. They are experts in the fields of English, math, science and social studies.

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Get a taste for a day in the life of Endeavor Charter School Students and Faculty!

Endeavor Charter School is part of Watertown Unified School District.