Endeavor has met it’s enrollment limit for the 2023-24 school year.  Submitted applications will be added to the waiting list and applicants will be notified if a space becomes available.

Applications for the 2024-25 school year will be accepted starting December 10, 2023. Hurry. Space is limited. Priority applications are due January 31, 2024.


Endeavor Enrollment Process:

    1. Students submit an application.
    2. Families will be contacted by e-mail to confirm enrollment.
    3.  Families will be contacted by a member of the Endeavor staff to set up an entry conference.  The parent(s) and student will meet with an advisor to answer questions, discuss the Endeavor learning model and set goals. The entry conference is also used to answer questions and confirm the student’s schedule.


ECS Student Application (online form option)

ECS Student Application (print form option)

WUSD Enrollment Information (for students residing inside of WUSD who are not current students)

Open Enrollment Information (for students residing outside of WUSD)

ECS Admissions Information and Lottery Procedure