About Endeavor


Endeavor is a public school authorized and supported by the Watertown Unified School District.  Endeavor Charter School and Watertown High School are the two high schools in the Watertown Unified School District. Endeavor is not a program, rather it is its own school that is overseen by a separate governance board made up of community residents, parents, and business leaders.  Each charter school in Wisconsin is unique because it was created to meet the needs and interests of the students and the community. Endeavor is doing things differently which helps others see what is possible in hopes that new ideas can be applied elsewhere in the District.


Endeavor Board of Governance

  • Maya Roberts- Endeavor Alumni
  • Frances Milburn- Community Member
  • Anthony Maas- Board President
    Chairman, Maas Brothers Construction


Annual Audit Documents:

2023 Audit Report

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Endeavor Charter School Report Card


Public and Private School Options Within Watertown Unified School District
The following list of schools, public and private, are current educational options that exist within our Watertown Community for parents to choose from.