Is Endeavor Right for You?

Endeavor might be a good fit for you if you… 


  • are able to organize yourself and stay on track with your workload.
  • are able to do work without being asked to or be self-motivated.
  • are willing to do work outside of school.
  • are interested in solving problems.
  • are willing to try new things or work outside of your comfort zone.
  • are able to work through challenges to complete tasks.
  • are interested in taking responsibility for your own learning.
  • are interested in using creativity in your daily school work.

Endeavor may NOT be a good fit for you if you… 


  • are trying to get away from having to “do school.”
  • are not willing to work with others.
  • are not interested in working through difficult situations.
  • are not able to focus or have a hard time working for extended periods.
  • are not working at grade level and/or are credit deficient.
  • are looking for a teacher to tell you exactly what to do.