Partner With Endeavor Charter School

Endeavor Charter School is actively seeking community partners.

We are building the next generation of great leaders, thinkers and workers who thrive in the self-directed environment of Endeavor High School.


Students are immersed in projects that are built on passions and interests and that address real-world situations they will face in their futures.  Students do their own research while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills through a generative curriculum where questions and answers build on one another.  Reviews and revisions are a vital part of this developmental process.


Students also learn quickly the importance of budgeting their time and managing complex projects.  They build collaborative skills by meeting in small groups to balance individual attention with teamwork, some of which might involve you or your team!


A Partnership Means:


  • Bridging the gap between the classroom and the community through place-based learning experiences that enhance a student’s curriculum.  Students build a special understanding and knowledge of Watertown and its organizations that, in turn, receive valuable help and insights from students.
  • Giving seminars or workshops about your business or organization – helping students better understand the different areas of your business or organization.  Students learn what experience and education is needed related to potential career paths.
  • Being a resource for the development of projects that allow students to see a connection between what they learn in school and how it is applied in various settings.
  • Discovering how Endeavor High School can take-on one of your projects.
  • Helping develop the next generation of enthusiastic workers and thinkers.
  • Your financial support, donation of equipment, materials, or other needs is tax deductible.