Our Philosophy

In Endeavor, we believe that students learn best when they are given the voice and choice to guide their own learning. It is our philosophy that when people learn to communicate, think critically, collaborate, create, problem solve and innovate, they learn how to learn. Always learning and growing is the cornerstone of a successful person. Further, the basic process of reflecting, setting goals and creating plans contributes to an individual’s growth in every aspect of his or her life.

A Unique Learning Model

Personalized Learning

Students design projects based on their passions and interests. They do learning in the order that makes sense to them. They choose how to demonstrate their learning.

Student Directed Learning

Students choose their goals and create their plans. With the help of their parents and advisors, they create their Personalized Learning Plan which outlines their future goals and plans. Students also manage their own time and set their own due dates.

Project Based Learning

Students use their own questions to design projects that will help them meet learning goals. Students create contracts for how they will meet their individual learning targets and how they will be assessed. Projects are focused on the process of learning and not just finishing a final product.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Students blend all types of learning together. For example, traditional English skills like reading and writing are learned side by side with traditional science or social studies skills like data analysis and historical comparison.

A Rigorous Choice

  • Because of our charter, students can demonstrate that they have met a learning target and then move on. They do not have to spend a particular amount of time in a class to meet that learning target. This means students are challenged every day.
  • Student can study material in the order that makes sense to them.  That means students don’t wait.  They follow their passions right away.
  • Endeavor students meet and exceed the same state and national standards as Watertown High School.
  • Students must demonstrate each target at an A or B level to earn credit.
  • Students must meet with a content specialist to plan how they will earn every target.  Every target must include work that demonstrates investigation, application and analysis.
  • Endeavor students take all required state tests.
  • Endeavor students graduate with a regular diploma and a regular transcript.
  • Endeavor graduates report that they go to college and into the workforce prepared for success.
  • Endeavor students earn local and state scholarships.